Eksper Bilişim

In today’s world, new steps are being taken every day in the field of information technologies, giving rise to an ever increasing need for information security and with it, the ability to use information technologies more securely.

Eksper Ltd., with its accumulated experience of twenty years, entered the IT sector in 2005, providing software and hardware services to institutions in regards to the security ATMs and similar financial transaction devices.

The company has grown rapidly in the sector with its expert and experienced staff, its business ethics, customer satisfaction focused approach to work, trustworthy communication sense and social responsibility.

Today, operating in many countries, Eksper Ltd. aims to grow internationally and so, with this goal in mind, has come to serve a wide range of clients through its distributors in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Our Vision

To be a leading brand in the field of information technologies in Turkey and a prominent brand in the international market which holds client satisfaction above all with our abilities and experience.

Our Mission

Ensuring that the needs of our clients remain our priority while creating value; providing service in the most effective manner with our accumulated knowledge and technology, enabling them to benefit financially and with regards to their social responsibilities; continually improving the quality of our services and products.
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